Novidades no Projecto

16 06 2009

Caros visitantes

Temos grandes novidades no projecto Alunos inovadores.

Para além da turma do 6ºF estar a concluir os trabalhos para o concurso VIH/SIDA, temos o prazer de anunciar que o projecto foi além fronteiras.

A escola de Sullivan Upper School in Holywood da Irlanda do Norte, pela mão do professor David Stinson, vai integrar este projecto no próximo ano lectivo.

Podem desde já conhecer os alunos e a escola visitando o portfólio de Josh.

Vejam outros trabalhos realizados por eles aqui.

Quanto a nós, aguardem até ao final desta semana.


EB 23 Vasco Santana – Portugal

 See more


Sullivan Upper School – Irlanda do Norte

Dear visitors

We have news on the project innovative students.

In addition to the 6F group is completing the work for the competition HIV / AIDS, we are pleased to announce that the project was beyond its borders.

The school of Sullivan Upper School in Holywood, Northern Ireland, by the hand of teacher David Stinson, will integrate this project in the next academic year.

They may already know the students and the school visiting the portfolio of one of its students (Josh).

See other work performed by them.

For us, wait until the end of this week.

Até Breve / See you soon.




24 responses

16 06 2009

Hello from Sullivan Upper School. It is good to see how technology can remove the boundaries normally imposed by the distance we are apart. Your English is much better than our Portuguese. The work you are producing is very exciting and is making effective use of video editing. The videos you have produced are very professional looking. We like your blog site and will enjoy working together.

17 06 2009

Hello David!I hope we be able to make this project. As you said "It is good to see how technology can remove the boundaries normally imposed by the distance we are apart".Keep in touch 🙂

17 06 2009

Hello! I love your work and I found your work very original

17 06 2009

Hello! like much of your work. I found your very nice idea to make a band.

17 06 2009

Hello This work is very innovative.

17 06 2009
É a Mÿkas

hello! I liked this work, very funny.GOOD WORK!

17 06 2009

good job . it\’s really cool .

17 06 2009

Hi! I think your work is very nice =)

17 06 2009

Hello! This work is spectacular.Good work !! Goodbye 🙂

17 06 2009


17 06 2009

Hi!!!Congratulations for your work.The work it´s great!!!It´s fantastic.Good luck for others works and goodbye!!!

17 06 2009

Congratulations for your work.I hope to continue like this.Goodbye and good luck.

17 06 2009

The work is very very very nice. I love it. Congratulations.Continue the good work.Bye and good holiday.

17 06 2009

Hello! like much of your work. I found your very nice idea to make a band.My mail is add.Continue the good work.

17 06 2009

Hello I liked much

17 06 2009

Hello! I loved your idea of a way to help children in Africa. Keep it good luck

17 06 2009

i i like very mutch your job they are fantastic good bye.

17 06 2009

Hello again from Sullivan- Northern Ireland. It is brilliant to see how we are able to communicate. We think you are very talented as your work is both interesting and creative. Bruno, Bruna, Jorge, Joao, Bruno, Beatriz, Diogo, Francisco, Mariana, Miguel, Patricia, Mikas, Pedro, Vanessa and Pedro we really appreciate your kind words. Josh, Ryan, James and Jonnie over here are delighted to have a connection with your school in Portugal. They think your school is very good and that you have great teachers such as Mr Marquess. They love your sunny weather and would like to hear more from you.Take care for now. Very best wishes from all of us at Sullivan.

17 06 2009

Your work is amazing! Is very well structured and very nice. My maths teacher showed me the Suai project and I worked a lot and learned a lot. Continue to participate to make our project larger. I am always ready to continue and I thank those who introduced me to this project.Congratulations!!!I will allways be an Innovative Student.

18 06 2009

Hello!I like your work.Congratulations on having won.Bye

18 06 2009

Our project is fantastic!I think you will like : )I hope you enjoy the project and to continue to invest in it!

18 06 2009

Hello! I like very much our work. It\’s fantastic. Congratulations to our work!

18 06 2009

Hello!Congratulations!!Your project is great!!our is good to but not so good!next year we try again.bay bay!!

5 07 2009

Parabéns pelo projecto, pelo dinamismo, pela cooperação entre professores e alunos.Marisa Costa

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